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Frequently Asked Questions

Mighty Tix is a new kind of ticketing service, made possible by recent advances in payments technology. It's natural you might have a question or two.

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Why don't you charge per-ticket fees like other ticketing companies?
Historically ticketing companies would do much of the marketing, customer support, card processing, and funds management for events – and they charged per-ticket fees to cover those costs. As much as hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. But today's event organizers do much of that work themselves. With Stripe's payment platform organizers can now even handle card processing & manage their event funds. So we believe the next generation of ticketing software shouldn't get more expensive the more tickets you sell. Instead of per-ticket fees we charge organizers a low, flat rate subscription just like the other services you might use for your accounting, website hosting, or email marketing tools.
So there are no fees on tickets sold through Mighty Tix?
Organizers can set their own booking fees. We believe the real price of a ticket is the amount shown on an attendee's credit card statement, including fees – that's the amount they're prepared to pay for their ticket. So we suggest to organizers moving from another ticketing system that they set pricing and fees the same way. But since the organizers are the ones managing their ticketing, they should keep the fees and improve the profitability of their events.
What about payment processing fees?
Organizers can also set payment processing fees to be charged on their ticket orders. For example the payment processing fee could be set to the same amount as Stripe's payment processing charge. Of course, many ticketing companies charge higher rates for payment processing than the low fees from Stripe, and organizers may wish to set their payment processing fees a little higher too.
Can I resell tickets on Mighty Tix?
No, Mighty Tix isn't a ticket resale or ticket swap platform. We provide software for event organizers to sell tickets to events they're running.
Can I send complimentary tickets to guests?
You can send complimentary (free) tickets to your guests by email through the Mighty Tix box office system. The box office can be accessed from a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer, making it simple to send complimentary tickets to anyone at any time.
How do I get paid directly to my bank account?
When you sign up with Mighty Tix, we create a connected Stripe account for you. Ticket sales are processed through this Stripe account and deposited into your bank account.
How long do I have to wait after selling a ticket before receiving the funds?
You'll be paid directly by Stripe, usually within 1-3 days after each sale. Your first payout may take a little longer. You can confirm your payout schedule & estimated timing by checking your Stripe dashboard.
Do I have to charge a booking fee on my tickets?
You don't have to charge booking fees at all. You could instead pass on the savings to your attendees, making your event tickets more affordable.
What page dimensions should my custom ticket template be?
We recommend uploading a Letter or A4 template for your custom tickets. Only use light block color on the top 1.25" (32mm) of the template as this is where ticket details will be printed. The square QR code (ticket barcode) will be printed on the left below this section in an area 1.25" (32mm) below the top strip, and 1.5" (38mm) from the left. Be aware any detail in this area may be overwritten by the QR code.