Unlock Your Venue's Revenue Potential

Welcome to Mighty Tix, where we're redefining ticketing for venues. Our innovative SaaS model is designed to maximize your revenue and streamline your ticketing process. Say goodbye to per-ticket charges and delayed payments, and hello to financial control and increased earnings.

Why Choose Mighty Tix for Your Venue?

Choosing Mighty Tix for your venue means embracing a future of financial control and enhanced revenue opportunities. Our cutting-edge ticketing platform offers instant payment processing, customizable booking fees, and a unique white-label system, all designed to streamline your operations and maximize profitability. Partner with us to transform your ticketing experience and unlock your venue's full potential.

Direct Funds Transfer
With your own Stripe account, receive payments as soon as tickets are sold.
Financial Control
Monitor and manage your funds directly, without any intermediaries.
Revenue Boost
Add your own booking fees to tickets, creating an additional revenue stream.
Tailor fees by event to match your venue's needs and audience.
Brand Identity
Run Mighty Tix under your venue's domain, maintaining your brand's presence.
Stripe Connect for Hirers
Booking and payment fees are paid directly to your account, ensuring a steady revenue flow.
Per-Ticket Venue Rebates
Earn a venue rebate for every ticket sold, directly enhancing your revenue.
Seamless Transactions
Automated deductions and transfers make the financial process smooth and transparent.

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