Meet the team

We're a passionate and driven group of ticketing professionals, dedicated to a fairer commercial model for our valued clients and the industry.

  • James Radley

    James Radley

    Founder & CEO

    With over a decade of experience running ticketing firms, James believed a new model was needed. This led him to launch Mighty Tix to find a way to deliver cutting-edge ticketing services without the per-ticket fees usually charged to organizers and attendees.

  • Tricia Kailey

    Tricia Kailey

    VP Product

    Tricia is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the ticketing experience. Her expertise in user experience design and customer research has been instrumental in the success of Mighty Tix's industry-leading platform.

  • Jeremy Westcott

    Jeremy Westcott

    VP Marketing

    With over 15 years' experience in marketing, Jeremy has a track record of driving growth through strategic planning, brand development, and innovative campaigns. His passion for exceptional customer experience has helped Mighty Tix become a trusted partner for event organizers and attendees alike.

  • Rebecca Emersyn

    Rebecca Emersyn

    Partnerships Manager

    With a background in business development and client relations, Rebecca is responsible for fostering relationships with event organizers and industry partners. Her passion for creating win-win partnerships and driving revenue growth has been instrumental in expanding Mighty Tix's reach and impact in the industry.

  • Wayne Benton

    Wayne Benton

    Senior Designer

    Wayne is responsible for creating visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces for Mighty Tix's digital platforms. His expertise in design principles, typography, and color theory has been instrumental in elevating Mighty Tix's brand image and enhancing the user experience for event attendees.

  • Tommy Wattana

    Tommy Wattana

    Tech Lead

    With extensive experience in software engineering and development, Tommy is responsible for leading the development team and ensuring the platform runs smoothly and efficiently. He has significant expertise in software engineering, system architecture, and database management.